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About Us

The Mysore Engineers association (MEA) was started in year 1907 under the guidance of W.McHutchin, M.I.C.E., the then Chief Engineer of Mysore state. Captain Bernard Dawes, Mr. C M Mahadeva shastri and Mr. B C Srinivasa Iyangar of PWD were the principle promoters of the said association. The prime object of the association then was to possess latest books and leading engineering periodicals to facilitate the members to read and understand the latest technologies and to solve the technical problems of the state. The second object of the association was to provide the platform for members to discuss the developmental activities of the state and to seek suggestions from members for the best alternatives. The third object of the association was to provide a platform to have fellowship.

The MEA was also headed by Dr. Sir. M. Visvesvaraya during the period 1910 - 1912 when he was chief engineer of the Mysore state.

During 1941, His highness the Maharaja of Mysore allotted a site No.11, on old Post office road, near K R circle, Bangalore along with grants to construct an association building to MEA. Accordingly the association built a building on the said site which is existing even today.

Later on during 1960 the MEA was amalgamated to the Institute of engineers (India), Karnataka state centre. Since the Institute of Engineers(IEI), was only the technical body and was unable to take up the issues on service matters, the then PWD engineers have formed three independent association called the PWD officers association (EE to CE level), Asst. Engineers associations (Now AEE) and Junior Engineers association (Now AE).

During 1986 the said three associations merged in to one association and named as “Karnataka Engineers Associations” (KEA). At present all the graduate engineers working in Public Works, Water Resources and Pachayathraj Engineering Departments numbering around 6000 engineers, working in the cadres of Asst. Engineer(AE), Asst. Executive Engineers(AEE Dn-I), Executive Engineer(EE), superintending Engineer(SE), Chief engineer(CE) and Engineering in chief(EIC) are the members of the association. The association Headquarter is at Bangalore and functioning at MEA building, Bangalore. The association has got branches in all districts headquarters and project centres. 


Statement of working strength of engineers in different Departments.

Sl.No. Department EIC CE SE EE AEE AE Total
1 Public Works Ports & IWT 1 7 20 107 497 752 1384
2 Water Resources 1 23 46 157 694    
3 Minor Irrigation 1 2 4 17 109    
  Irrigation Sub-total (2+3) 2 25 50 174 803 1985 3039
4 RDPR - 3 11 46 321 581 962
5 Urban Development - 5 10 38 105 350 508
6 Housing Dept. - 1 1 5 10 22 39
7 Co-operation - - 1 3 14 55 73
8 Other Departments/
  7 5 26 62 127 227
    3 48 98 399 1812 3872 6232**
**These numbers are subject to corrections. (Details published by governemnt in 2008)


Existing MEA Building


Proposed KEA Building