Recent Updates: 250 no. Assistant Engineer CR's called to AE to AEE


Aims & objectives of KEA:-

  • To Safeguard the Interests and to improve the service conditions of the Engineers in Public Works, Water Resources and Panchayatraj Engineering Departments.
  • To promote the Social & Moral Welfare of the members.
  • To safeguard the Dignity of the Engineering Profession.
  • To promote the general advancement of technical knowledge by
    • Publication of Periodicals.
    • Affording facilities for research
    • Arranging Technical and educational tours
    • Holding meeting, seminars and conferences of both technical and administrative importance etc.
    • To promote Professional standards.
  • To develop spirit de core among members
  • To establish, Subscribe, promote term and maintain local centre of the members so as to ensure each member as far as may be possible equal opportunity to enjoy the rights and privileges of the Associations
  • To federate with other similar associations in Karnataka and outside at state and National level to foster the interests of the members as well as in field of engineering.
  • To do all such acts which are in the general interest of the engineers to the Public Works, Water Resources and Panchayatraj engineering departments.
  • To provide recreation facilities for life members.